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Oil Product and NGLs

Oil Product and NGLs

TRMTracker, Pioneer Solutions´ ETRM platform and flagship solution, provides a full-featured, easy to maintain system for the trading and marketing of liquid petroleum. TRMTracker is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to the cumbersome, complex, costly systems from the previous generation of technology.

Since 2001, TRMTracker has served power and gas traders, and now that platform has been extended to serve companies that trade crude oil, refined products and LPGs / NGLs. Standard features like flexible pricing, instant VaR and mark-to-market, native credit management, and a hedging calendar, appeal to the trader as well as to the CFO. Support for the scheduler includes easy book-outs, scheduling for pipeline, truck and rail, as well as vessel and barge, documents generation and workflow automation, and cost management all along the chain.


Crude oil has its own unique practices. For U.S. crude, TRMTracker supports crude price postings and accompanying gravity scales, as well as pool scheduling and nominations for pipelines. The concept of ´barrels per day´ for deal entry and scheduling is second nature and the automated ticket processor makes capturing lease tickets easy work. For overseas crude, there´s vessel scheduling and the Brent forward curve all available.

NGLs present a unique set of requirements for a trading system, and TRMTracker delivers on this challenge. From easy deal entry with flexible pricing, to capturing all the fees involved in storage & transportation, to recording distribution lineups, looking for book-outs, and issuing detailed invoices, TRMTracker demonstrates the influence of experts with industry experience. Marketing over the truck & rail loading racks is also fully supported with features like rack posted price and automated ticket processing (such as eBOL). Product exchanges, whether exchanging product, location, or time period, are also supported.

Products traders will appreciate the functionality tailored to their needs. Whether trading and shipping bulk product or marketing over the loading rack, companies need to be able to see position by pipeline cycle, perform blending at the rack or in-tank, adjust settlement price for density escalator, and manage complex product exchanges.

TRMTracker can do all this, in addition to the standard requirements of easy deal capture, flexible pricing, immediate position and P&L, user-friendly scheduling and logistics, and accurate settlement.

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