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Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software

Pioneer Solutions is a global provider of Commodity/Energy Trading and Risk Management, environmental management, financial and regulatory compliance solutions, serving utilities and trading companies across the globe. Our staff has been advising and providing software solutions in these areas for over ten years.

Trading & Scheduling

Voted “Preferred ETRM System” by clients and peers, Pioneer Solutions’ “TRMTracker” is a FARRMS advanced architecture based solution…


Risk Management

Are you able to measure and manage risks due to uncertainty caused by changes in commodity and energy prices and volatility? RisksTracker…


Renewable Energy Credit (REC)

RECTracker provides a comprehensive solution that automates end-to-end REC/GoO tracking tracking and management processes


Derivative Hedge Accounting

FASTracker is an integrated derivative accounting and disclosure software package designed to meet all of your accounting needs.


Emissions and GHG Accounting

Pioneer Solutions’ EmissionsTracker is a comprehensive software package that automates end-to-end emissions tracking and management…


Settlement and Accounting

SettlementTracker is an end-to-end, integrated settlement and accounting software package specifically geared toward complex energy contracts.


Software Solutions


Our Blog

A New Year (Re)Solution: Technology your C/ETRM ought to have

A New Year (Re)Solution: Technology your C/ETRM ought to have

No this is not about hyped technologies like microservices or blockchain. This is about modern yet proven technologies, for those of you whose C/ETRM system…

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C/ETRM & Business Intelligence: Are you a Data Driven company already?

C/ETRM & Business Intelligence: Are you a Data Driven company already?

They say that data is the world's new currency or the new oil. Ongoing digitization has created vast streams of data, considered as corporate assets…

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Digital Transformation: Self-service in C/ETRM

Digital Transformation: Self-service in C/ETRM

In this new world of digital transformation, forward looking energy/commodity trading companies are leveraging automation to accomplish what their competitors are still doing manually. At…

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What do our clients say?

"The reporting functionality along with the deal booking capabilities gave complete transparency into the portfolio, immediately improving the portfolio management and risk analyses processes."