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Pioneer Solutions ComplianceTracker


Pioneer Solutions' ComplianceTracker provides enterprise-wide compliance tracking, performance monitoring and reporting for corporate, regulatory, environmental and other compliance requirements.

ComplianceTracker is a comprehensive software solution designed to automate the end-to-end lifecycle of corporate policies, governance and regulatory compliance risk exposures. The solution captures, assesses and automates the tasks associated with GRC all on one fully integrated, all web base solution. Whether you are responding to regulations or managing the internal processes associated with GRC, ComplianceTracker can improve and automate the entire process.

ComplianceTracker supports regulatory compliance administration, compliance monitoring, and triggers & exception management.

ComplianceTracker Capabilities:

Enterprise-wide tracking
  • Track all types of GRC compliance requirements
  • Centralized tracking of enterprise-wide GRC compliance management

Administration of compliance requirements
  • Define standards, requirements and rules
  • Define triggers and mitigation requirements
  • Manage approval requirements
  • Assign requirements to various owners in the organization

Perform, control and monitor activities
  • Tracking and monitoring of activities for each owner
  • Automated calendar based workflow with escalation and controls
  • Audit trail on all activities
  • Mitigation of compliance activities

Compliance Management
  • Support for multiple GRC compliance types
  • Enterprise-wide compliance management
  • Automated compliance reporting

Exception and Management Reporting
  • Exception reporting and automatic notifications
  • Centralized view of enterprise-wide compliance tracking and reporting
  • Summarized and detailed drill-down reporting

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