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Pioneer Solutions, innovator of Energy Certificate management solutions, to Attend REC Market 2018
Pioneer Solutions, a leading provider of energy trading and risk management software solutions (ETRM) and Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS), announced today that it will join the 8th edition of the REC Market Meeting, the global expert meeting on energy attribute certificate tracking systems. Held in 13-14 March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, REC Market Meeting conference offers an opportunity to discuss the challenges and software solutions related to energy attribute tracking systems and associated developments across the globe.

Consumers choose renewable electricity and do so on a large scale. In both liberalized and monopolized markets consumers are having an increased influence on the production of electricity by specifying the product they wish to use. Renewable Energy Certificates are issued to renewable energy producers and the electronic document is used to guarantee to consumers that the energy delivered is produced from renewable resources.

“Pioneer Solutions is uniquely positioned with its proven RECTracker software application, which automates the end-to-end GO/REC tracking and management of processes from generation to assignment and retirement or expiration,” said Hugo Stappers, Director of Sales & Marketing for Pioneer EMEA. “Managing all the attributes and linkages requires a systematic approach for capturing, inventory management, position and risk management, settlement and (compliance) reporting. That’s what Pioneer offers with its RECTracker system, essentially a ’renewables’ energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution.”

RECTracker is a comprehensive software solution that automates the end-to-end management and trading of renewable energy credits (RECs) also known as (Renewable) Guarantee of Origins, Renewable Obligation Certificates, and Green Certificates. RECTracker is designed to facilitate enterprise-wide inventory tracking, trading and compliance, supporting multiple compliance jurisdictions and RECs tracking systems for various mandatory and voluntary compliance markets. The solution minimizes financial and regulatory risks while automating comprehensive trading, tracking, accounting, compliance and management processes related to RECs.

As the renewable energy market grows, so will the volume of GO cancellations and customer demands. As a result, it will outgrow current usage of spreadsheet-based systems, reliance on the Registry portals, and cumbersome functionality in legacy ETRM systems. None of those were designed to capture all GO transactions, perform position management and valuation, as well as settlement and invoicing. RECTracker is available of installation on premise or hosted in the Cloud.

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Pioneer Solutions is a global provider of C/ETRM, environmental management and financial and regulatory compliance solutions. Serving utilities and trading companies across the globe, Pioneer’s Suite of flexible software applications deliver easy-to-use and integrated functionality for Trade Capture, Position Analysis, Portfolio Management, Risk Reporting and Settlement, thereby providing the insight and granularity to manage operations optimally. Our pioneering and award-winning software offers a user-configurable environment and designed for rapid deployment resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and enhanced customer satisfaction.