Three Trends to Get More Out of your C/ETRM System

Post by admin on February 1, 2018

What an exciting start to the new year! Goals and resolutions are being pursued in order to do things better or differently. At Pioneer Solutions, one goal never changes, and that’s our commitment to approach every engagement with our existing and prospective customers with one objective in mind; ensuring their success and satisfaction. We want them to know how our C/ETRM solutions will benefit their operations through increasing process efficiency, reducing cost, minimizing operational risks while maximizing business opportunities. As a true Pioneer we continuously innovate, living up to our hard-earned reputation of delivering next-generation solutions that the market demands. We do exactly that, when looking at some of this year’s applicable technology trends below.


Next-generation C/ETRM systems take advantage of the latest technology and deliver functionality to do more with less. That means even more processes, functions, and systems can be automated and can even be carried out by robots. Specifically, in the commodity/energy trading space, end-to-end automation can be realized with a live system that offers robust and smart deal entry in the front office. This rich functionality includes market connections, position updates in near real-time, on desktop or smart phone, rule-based algorithms, while the back-office benefits from straight-through-processing and functionality to settle standard and complex non-standard contracts. Not jumping on the unstoppable freight train that is automation will make it difficult, if not impossible, for companies to keep up and stay competitive.


They say that data is the world’s new currency. As a result of digitization, the availability of data has increased. In the field of commodity/energy trading, a next-generation and integrated C/ETRM  is capable of providing organizations real-time, easily accessible, and accurate data. The ability to take advantage of multiple sources of data, provides a competitive advantage (or remain competitive). Live dashboards deliver business intelligence through compelling visualizations that allow decision makers to process information faster.

Cloud Service Solutions

In 2018, the expectation is that many more organizations take advantage of the simplicity and high-performance the cloud guarantees. Across all markets, this year will see SaaS solutions take the cake as the most highly deployed cloud service across the globe. Software as a Service (SaaS) opened a flexible and financially attractive door for businesses, including in commodity/energy trading. The modern highly configurable and web-based C/ETRM systems have been well positioned to offer customers the option for SaaS solutions with pre-configured industry processes on a subscription basis.


Pioneer’s offering is state-of-the-art and up-to-date. A world of digital transformation, renewable energy, increased competition, and where flexibility at a lower cost is required, means a different type of technology solution. Investing in a modern C/ETRM system will help not only surviving but succeeding in today’s disruptive business world.


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