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Next Top ten reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail!

Post by admin on August 30, 2011

Re-posted-Next Top ten (6-10+) reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail!

The following depicts the Front-mid-to back-office complexities associated with delivering comprehensive Ctrm-Etrm & Emis solutions…so how can you avoid a failure in delivering this often complex business software: 

enterprise-risk-bubble-diagra,For the previous 1-5 of 10 reasons Etrm, Ctrm & Emis Implementations fail… see above “popular posts” to trading risk blog. Also we suggest you subscribe to trading risk blog we offer a convenient email subscription on the upper right hand corner =>

Thank you for your interest in the next 5 (6-10) reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail and how to avoid the pitfalls!

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Does your energy trading & risk mgmt- etrm
integrate with your ERP?

Post by admin on August 23, 2011

Pioneer BannerIn this technological age any sizable organization would expect their commodity energy trading & risk management – Ctrm- Etrm system to easily integrate with ERP systems like SAP to realize a return on their investment -ROI. Most  Ctrm-Etrm vendors tout solutions that easily integrate with ERP and General Ledger solutions as part of their value proposition. The reality is that this is not the case and this is an area that anyone embarking on Ctrm-Etrm integration with an ERP system should seriously consider the challenges associated with the integration.

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Re-post Top Ten Reasons Etrm System Implementations Fail

Post by admin on

Pioneer BannerTop five (5) of ten (10) reasons that energy (commodity) trading and risk management -ETRM –CTRM and Emissions Management Information System -EMIS solution implementation projects fail and how to avoid the pitfalls.

1.       Hard coded software rarely meets requirements; 80% is the avgerage fit to requirements requiring 20% (minimum) customization. This should not be a surprise to those that have been around software etrm implementations. Rarely does software meet 100% of requirements. One of the big reasons for this is that everyone in the energy trading and risk management space does business differently and likes to look at it differently. The key is to manage the 20%. To avoid rouge projects insist on a fixed price for the implementation, if that cannot be accomplished an iterative approach, where payment is made at the end of delivered iterations, should help ease risks. Also look for new technologies that are easily configurable (no coding needed) versus customizable (requiring coding expertise).

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Advanced ETRM-CTRM Software Architecture Review- FARRMS by Pioneer

Post by admin on July 10, 2011

enterprise-risk-bubble-diagra,Introduction to the FARRMS advanced Energy-Commodity Trading and Risk Management ETRM-CTRM Enterprise Architecture built organically by Pioneer Solutions LLC.

Financial & Regulatory Risk Managment System (FARRMS) Enterprise Architecture

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Energy Trading and Risk Management-ETRM-CTRM- Hedging Strategies 2

Post by admin on July 5, 2011

Pioneer BannerSo why would a company enter into a hedge that becomes a cash burden? Remember entering into a hedge position is a way to lock in potential future exposure to a commodities volatility, however just because you think prices are going up in the future does not necessarily mean that they will. Should prices slide and not rise, for example the mentioned Utility “buy position” becomes a loss margin call cash exposure. The position now has a loss associated with it.

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Energy & Commodity Trading & Risk Management- ETRM-CTRM Defined

Post by admin on June 7, 2011

ETRM CTRM definedWhat is ETRM -Defined?

Energy Trading and Risk Management –ETRM definition- ETRM refers to the business processes associated with managing complex energy trades and/or portfolios of physical assets; from energy trade or position deal capture, to risk management, to deal settlement and invoicing. ETRM is the entire end-to-end process of managing the physical and financial trade or deal lifecycle of an energy position.

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