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A C/ETRM Solution: The Way You Want It

Post by admin on April 17, 2017

A C/ETRM Solution: The Way You Want It

The message from surveys in the Commodity/Energy Trading and Risk Management (C/ETRM) software market have been consistent in the past few years: Customers want less costly, proven C/ETRM functionality that is implemented faster, with reasonable flexibility as their business process is apt to change more frequently. This calls for a new approach with next generation technology at a lower cost of ownership, has customers looking beyond established C/ETRM vendors who dominated the market but struggle to meet new demands.  Some of them already had their ‘Kodak moment’, while others are applying new lipstick. Pioneer Solutions offers state-of-the-art software that is designed for progress: A C/ETRM solution the way you want it.

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