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Top Risks in Enterprise Risk Mgmt. ERM, ETRM Software Implementations

Post by admin on February 29, 2012

What are the Top Risks associated with Enterprise Risk Management -ERM & Commodity Energy Trading and Risk Management CTRM-ETRM software implementations and how can they be avoided:


1. Will the software easily meet your unique requirements. In the ERM and/or CTRM-ETRM world this is probably the toughest challenge that vendors and their clients face, why is that? Because every client does C-Etrm and ERM differently presenting a huge challenge for the vendors; in most cases the vendor will require coding changes to meet unique requirements, this is where the risk of delivery starts. HINT: Look for formula-driven C-ETRM software that is  “configurable” with “no coding expertise needed” for change mgmt. and implementation this drastically lowers the delivery risk and time to deliver. Products that require coding changes are risky and expensive and this is where implementations start to go rogue.

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Next Top ten reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail!

Post by admin on August 30, 2011

Re-posted-Next Top ten (6-10+) reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail!

The following depicts the Front-mid-to back-office complexities associated with delivering comprehensive Ctrm-Etrm & Emis solutions…so how can you avoid a failure in delivering this often complex business software: 

enterprise-risk-bubble-diagra,For the previous 1-5 of 10 reasons Etrm, Ctrm & Emis Implementations fail… see above “popular posts” to trading risk blog. Also we suggest you subscribe to trading risk blog we offer a convenient email subscription on the upper right hand corner =>

Thank you for your interest in the next 5 (6-10) reasons Etrm-Ctrm & Emis system implementations fail and how to avoid the pitfalls!

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