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C/ETRM Trading & Accounting Back-office Software System

Post by admin on January 23, 2012

Built from the back-office forward by industry professionals, Pioneer Solutions offers a top-in-class energy trading back-office software (stand-alone) module called “SettlementTracker.” The product features a flexible and malleable no coding needed formula-driven architecture for management of all energy wholesale and retail contracts including shadow settlement, bi-laterals and more!
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Some the largest Utilities in the world rely on Pioneer’s “SettlementTracker” as a stand-alone billing engine to manage their complex array of contracts both wholesale and retail. SettlementTracker is the back-office settlement engine module of Pioneer’s enterprise C/Etrm software system called “TRMTracker.” It can easily stand-alone and integrate with existing legacy ETRM systems or ETRM vendor products.

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Energy Trading and Risk Management-ETRM-CTRM- Hedging Strategies 2

Post by admin on July 5, 2011

Pioneer BannerSo why would a company enter into a hedge that becomes a cash burden? Remember entering into a hedge position is a way to lock in potential future exposure to a commodities volatility, however just because you think prices are going up in the future does not necessarily mean that they will. Should prices slide and not rise, for example the mentioned Utility “buy position” becomes a loss margin call cash exposure. The position now has a loss associated with it.

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Energy Trading & Risk Management ETRM-CTRM Back-Office Defined

Post by admin on June 28, 2011

Back-Office ETRM-CTRM definition

ETRM CTRM defined

Back-office ETRM-CTRM Defined

The back-office ETRM-CTRM processes involve the settlement, hedge compliance-FAS 133 &157 reporting, invoicing and accounting of all ETRM-CTRM trading activities.

These activities are complex in nature and require unique skills to manage the complexities associated with derivative hedge accounting compliance, settlement and GL (AR/AP) management.

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