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A Soft(s) Spot? – Easy insight into certified Counterparties and their Products

Post by admin on July 24, 2017

While recognizing its importance to an efficient and effective trading process, for many trading firms it still takes a laborious and manual effort to know who their approved counterparties are, which products they can trade, and to access certification and compliance paperwork. The quality of products delivered as well as increasing food safety legislation, require proper controls to protect reputations and comply with regulatory rules. At the same time, when those controls are inefficient they will impact the business. In an age of digitalization, the successful commodity trading firms have automated this. Do you have your trading partners’ information and offering at your fingertips, or is this a Soft Spot for you?

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Between Heaven and Earth: The Cloud

Post by admin on December 5, 2016


Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service has quickly become a compelling and credible delivery model for business applications. If you aren’t converted yet, then realize how you already take part in on-line banking, share your medical records with healthcare providers, and access your retirement investments.

All very personal information that you may think should be equally or more sensitive than the production database of commodity trading companies. Further consider how much your business relies on communicating via the internet.

On-premise installed C/ETRM software would be as equally ‘out-of-service’ as a cloud-based solution when the internet isn’t available. Therefore, for the educated trading professional looking for proven solutions that lower cost and improve operations, there is something Between Heaven and Earth: The Cloud.

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Intro. to New Utility Enterprise Risk Management
– ERM Software

Post by admin on April 29, 2012

most improved

The Current State of ERM Software & Introduction to the Next Generation Utility Enterprise Risk Management- ERM Software Solutions  

The interdependencies and intricacies of today’s utility enterprise risk management- ERM have never been so complex and all-encompassing. The risks for utilities fall into several related yet often disparately treated risk buckets. The main risks a utility must manage include but are not limited to market risk, credit risk, operations/operational risk and compliance risk that include many facets of compliance like Emissions, RECs and regulatory risk (FERC, NERC, EPA and more). While utilities are often thought of as risk adverse these risks are real and eminent and often managed disparately in silo systems and spreadsheets.

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing Ctrm-Etrm Software Part 2

Post by admin on December 12, 2011

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5. Does the Ctrm-Etrm software platform meet all of your requirements. This perhaps could be argued as the most important of the ten. I suppose I did not make this #1 for several reasons; yes, this is important, however, there is often too much of an emphasis placed on this and not enough on how the gaps are going to be closed. Why is this, because traditionally this is where the big bucks are spent because hard coded software takes coding to close gaps and that is an expensive and risky proposition.

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Pioneer Announces ETRM System Enhanced Front office and Deal Capture

Post by admin on November 28, 2011

Pioneer has made significant improvements to its premier, Top-rated Commodity, Energy Trading & Risk Management – C/Etrm enterprise software solution called “TRMTracker” :

Know Risk. Know RewardTRMTracker is a comprehensive, enterprise C/Etrm software solution for companies with physical and financial commodity exposure.  TRMTracker’s advanced, all web-based architecture is ideal for companies that are looking to upgrade their trading and risk systems with the latest C/Etrm technology.
The recently enhanced front-office is designed to improve the user, trader experience, including the ability to move, hide and rename input fields for a more personalized user experience. “This improvement greatly enhances the trader experience allowing them to easily customize the already easy-to-use deal entry templates,” said Bill Molnar, Pioneer’s Director of ETRM & EMIS Solutions for the America’s.
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Energy & Commodity Trading and Risk Management C/ETRM Software

Post by admin on November 14, 2011

Pioneer Solutions “TRMTracker”- Advanced Technology for C/ETRM

Pioneer Solutions’ Mission is to provide leading-edge, enterprise-wide, energy and commodity risk management and trading C/ETRM software solutions to our clients. Serving the largest utilities in the US and in Europe, our new enterprise C/ETRM technology platform is designed to easily configure to the way you manage and report your trading business. Our state-of-the-art, formula and template-driven technology platform fully supports straight-through of any and all derivatives and commodities both physical and financial. TRMTracker is a cost-effective solution that can be hosted or installed on internal servers.
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