Pioneer Solutions Executives Speak at Oil & Gas Hedging/Marketing Forum

Post by Pioneer Solutions on July 23, 2014


General Information

Pioneer Solutions LLC’s President, Uday Baral, and Vice President of Sales, Bill Caruso, will be presenting at the first annual Oil & Gas Producer Hedging & Marketing Forum on September 10, 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas. This event, hosted by Mercatus Energy Advisors and its partner companies, will educate attendees on the most effective and efficient methods for managing hedging and marketing activities. According to Mercatus Energy Advisors, “CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, Treasurers, Marketers, Schedulers, Risk Managers, Shareholders, Royalty Owners and other related roles” would all greatly benefit from attending this event.

Representing Pioneer Solutions LLC at this upcoming forum is President Uday Baral and the Vice President of Sales, Bill Caruso.  Baral has more than 20 years of technology experience and over 15 years of tenure in trading and risk management, risk systems and derivative and energy accounting. Caruso specializes in commodity trading, energy marketing and risk management and has been exposed to commercial and financial management within energy and financial services for 20 years. Their session is titled, “Energy Hedging and Risk Management Information Technology Best Practices” and is an overview of how changing business needs are being reflected in what E&P’s require of their risk management technology, best practices producers can utilize within their ETRM system and a comparison of ETRM systems vs. common alternatives including spreadsheets.

Other Scheduled Lecture Topics

More examples of the many topics addressed at this event are:

  • Oil & Gas Fundamentals & Price Forecasts
  • Market Data & Price Reporting
  • An Overview of Energy Commodity Marketing
  • Oil & Gas Hedging: A Lender’s Perspective
  • Oil & Gas Hedging and Risk Management Best Practices
  • Energy Hedging & Risk Management Technology Best Practices

About Pioneer Solutions LLC

Pioneer Solutions LLC is a global provider of next generation CTRM, ETRM, environmental management and financial and regulatory compliance solutions. Offering the latest in business processing capabilities with a modern data structure, Pioneer’s products offer the user a configurable environment that allows for customizable templates for (STP) workflow and user-defined custom formula entry. Serving some of the largest utilities and energy companies across the globe, Pioneer’s flexible solutions are designed for rapid deployment and easily adapt to clients’ unique business processes, model complex trading scenarios and automate business processes.

Further Information

For more information about the Oil & Gas Producer Hedging and Marketing Forum or about Pioneer Solutions LLC, please contact Erica Tausch at 720/489-3077 or Registration information and a complete event schedule can be found at:

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