Pioneer SaaS Applications: What you need to know

Post by Pioneer Solutions on April 11, 2018

The award-winning and web-based C/ETRM applications from Pioneer Solutions have been available for delivery in a cloud environment from the beginning. Over the years, it has been able to serve all customer deployment preferences, including traditional on-premise installation and remotely hosted by Pioneer in either public or private cloud. It is our experience that even the enterprise-level commodity/energy players have opened up to the flexibility and attractiveness of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud offering. Simply put, SaaS is the delivery of applications over the internet within a shared cloud infrastructure with no need to install, maintain or host software on site. Users only need an internet browser to access applications via the cloud as a subscription service.

Pioneer has taken SaaS a step further; leveraging its highly configurable C/ETRM system and without the need for re-engineering, it now offers customers a self-serving, rapid deployment environment for C/ETRM Software-as-a-Service via With this, Pioneer delivers on its commitment to provide less costly solutions with proven functionality that is implemented faster and made accessible to companies that do not require customized enterprise level solutions (which Pioneer continues to provide).

Selected from its comprehensive suite of Tier-1 C/ETRM functionality, with, Pioneer offers a standard set of tools across the front, Mid and Back office functions, including workflow, data import and innovative reporting capability. After receiving a short tutorial and some basic implementation support, the user can do some self-configuration, upload static data using standard formats, and can expect to be up and running in 1-2 weeks to start entering actual trades, review Mark-to-Market, monitor Credit Risk, produce invoices and perform basic reporting.

While is able to support the same commodity classes as the full customizable enterprise version, Pioneer recognizes that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. In order to serve non-enterprise customers, the functionality set on is designed to do exactly that. When more advanced and complex functions are desired, the user will be promoted to enterprise-level customer.

Pioneer embraces a fast-paced digital and mobile world, and therefore its SaaS offering includes a browserless Mobile App option at no additional cost. In situations where the C/ETRM full functionality is not required and the use of a web-browser inconvenient, the Mobile App option empowers users to stay connected and up-to-date with key information in real-time at their fingertips while on the go.

Ensuring the highest levels of security and availability, Pioneer relies for its cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Organizations all over the world recognize Azure as the most trusted cloud and offers regional support at over 40 locations. offers a compelling alternative to users that still rely on non-integrated spreadsheets, isolated home-grown applications or manual workarounds. Those can’t deliver in today’s environment where trading, operational and risk management, more than ever, need to have the access to and insight in the information about their business.

Here is why minimizes cost and complexity:

  • Fast deployment and implementation: Speed to market, speed to value
  • Software as a service: Anywhere, anytime access
  • Painless upgrades: System is always up to date (single code across customers)
  • No on-premise equipment (software/hardware): Reduced IT maintenance and complexity
  • SaaS total lower cost of ownership advantage: Predictable capital and operation cost
  • Industry grade security: Your data is protected
  • Faster incident resolution: Minimize impact on operations

As a result, Pioneer’s offers a compelling and credible delivery model for C/ETRM functionality to non-enterprise level customers. Call us now to experience this yourself!



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