Pioneer Attending 16th Annual OPIS National Supply Summit

Post by Pioneer Solutions on October 17, 2014

logoOPIS National Supply Summit 2014

Pioneer Solutions will be attending the 16th Annual OPIS National Supply Summit from October 27-29, 2014, in Las Vegas. This event is centered around supply challenges facing refiners, shippers, marketers and end-users. constantly shifting variables of the commodities industry.  Understanding and anticipating industry trends and the challenges organizations are facing is a crucial to consistently providing superior products and services to our clients.

In an industry as volatile as commodities,  organizations must be able to not only predict future trends and challenges, but also utilize those predictions to make the right decisions. The OPIS National Supply Summit aims to help refiners, shippers, marketers and end-users anticipate changes and make the right choices for the future of oil, refined products, renewable and alternative fuels.


A few of the many topics addressed during this event are:

  • Futures and Derivatives
  • Response of California Refineries to New Carbon Initiatives
  • Potential U.S. expansions for key refined product lines
  • U.S. crude and condensate export trends and their impact on supply & demand levels
  • Changes in U.S. fuel consumption as a result of new trends and technology
  • The future of refineries
  • Effect of Tier 4 regulations on product relationships

Join us at this year’s OPIS National Supply Summit to get caught up on this changing landscape and to learn how to stay ahead of the shifts in the dynamic crude oil and refined products markets.

About Pioneer Solutions

logotransPioneer Solutions is a global provider of next-generation CTRM, ETRM, environmental management and financial and regulatory compliance solutions. Offering the latest in business processing capabilities with a modern data structure, Pioneer’s products offer the user a configurable environment that allows for customizable templates for STP workflow and user-defined custom formula entry. Serving some of the largest utilities and energy companies across the globe, Pioneer’s flexible solutions are designed for rapid deployment and easily adapt to clients’ unique business processes, model complex trading scenarios and automate business processes. 




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