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Post by admin on November 14, 2011

Pioneer Solutions “TRMTracker”- Advanced Technology for C/ETRM

Pioneer Solutions’ Mission is to provide leading-edge, enterprise-wide, energy and commodity risk management and trading C/ETRM software solutions to our clients. Serving the largest utilities in the US and in Europe, our new enterprise C/ETRM technology platform is designed to easily configure to the way you manage and report your trading business. Our state-of-the-art, formula and template-driven technology platform fully supports straight-through of any and all derivatives and commodities both physical and financial. TRMTracker is a cost-effective solution that can be hosted or installed on internal servers.

The solution’s architecture is template based and formula-driven requiring no coding expertise for change management. This significantly speeds the time to deliver while lowering the total cost of ownership by empowering business logic savvy employees (not consultants or IT) to manage change. This important feature also significantly increases the products ability to easily meet future needs thus increasing the longevity of the system as an enterprise platform.

Built from the back-office forward, TRMTracker’s strength is the comprehensive nature of its C/ETRM features, including the most flexible and complete derivative hedge accounting automation tool available and the most flexible and comprehensive settlement engine on the market. Our platform supports all front-to-back office functions from multi-commodity deal capture, to physical asset management to advanced market and enterprise risk metrics; Pioneer offers the most comprehensive, flexible and malleable C/ETRM solution available! The technology can easily adapt to unique and challenging business requirements and easily interface with other applications. Lastly, our solutions suite features embedded work-flow, decision support and business intelligence (drillable) reporting throughout for improved efficiencies across the entire organization. We look forward to showing your company how we are changing the way companies manage C/ETRM systems.

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