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Post by admin on January 23, 2012

Built from the back-office forward by industry professionals, Pioneer Solutions offers a top-in-class energy trading back-office software (stand-alone) module called “SettlementTracker.” The product features a flexible and malleable no coding needed formula-driven architecture for management of all energy wholesale and retail contracts including shadow settlement, bi-laterals and more!
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Some the largest Utilities in the world rely on Pioneer’s “SettlementTracker” as a stand-alone billing engine to manage their complex array of contracts both wholesale and retail. SettlementTracker is the back-office settlement engine module of Pioneer’s enterprise C/Etrm software system called “TRMTracker.” It can easily stand-alone and integrate with existing legacy ETRM systems or ETRM vendor products.

SettlementTracker’s superior formula-driven settlement engine provides the accuracy and flexibility to manage even the most complex contracts with no coding needed to manage change. Pioneer’s formula-driven commodity energy trading and risk management- C/Etrm software architecture is ideal for complex accounting processes including shadow and bi-lateral energy contract management.

SettlementTracker features an easy-to-use (no coding needed) invoice creation template that can quickly mimic your company look and feel. The invoice template offers billing experts with the ability to easily add manual line items and on the fly produce and manage shadow invoices. Invoice disputes can be routed with work-flow and easily reconciled with the ability to drill-down to transaction layer for quick dispute resolution.

Billing is made a snap with the straight-through processing of billing determinants providing real-time invoices that can be printed via batch mode or sent by electronic means. Once billing and invoicing are ready for General Ledger accounting journal entries, SettlementTracker can automatically produce and send GL accounting entries to a variety of General Ledger systems, including but not limited to; SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Quickbooks and more.

To schedule a demo of this top-rated back-office energy billing and shadow settlement software see our homepage at www.PioneerSolutionsGlobal.com and click the “Ask a Consultant” button.

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