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Your CTRM Solution: Not Just Capturing Deals, but Also the Customer!

Post by admin on June 14, 2016

customer service blog


As C/ETRM systems advance, delivering the latest technical innovations supporting commodity trading, the successful software vendor will practice what Steve Jobs so famously said: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”

With C/ETRM systems being such a substantial investment, customers can ill afford failure. Realizing their C/ETRM vision for increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness and happy productive employees, calls for a comprehensive engagement approach that ensures success and delivers a superior customer experience. Prospective customers therefore will be interested to learn from C/ETRM vendors: Is your C/ETRM solution Not Just Capturing Deals, but also the Customer?

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Your Aha! Moment: SettlementTracker a Better Mouse Trap

Post by admin on May 10, 2016

mousetrap blog

Progress always involves risk: you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. Decision-makers not willing to get out of their comfort zone will choose a solution based on the old adage “you can’t go wrong with IBM.”

A misguided attempt to secure their jobs. Decision-makers interested in real progress and getting ahead are what management consultant Geoffrey Moore calls “early adopters” and “pragmatists in pain.” They go with disruptors who have a better mousetrap to solve problems that can’t be solved with established products.

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Time to ‘Renew’ your RECs/GOs management system?

Post by admin on March 31, 2016


Energy Certs

Market demand for renewable energy continues to grow due to governmental programs, increasing corporate initiatives as well as households voluntarily choosing to purchase ‘green’ energy. Consequently, the volumes of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) guaranteeing that the electricity was produced from a renewable energy resource are swelling.

Apart from the management challenge of tracking RECs and monitoring exposure, those types of certificates that are tradable carry a value and must be settled and reported. This calls for automation of the end-to-end process, from generation to expiration or retirement. Pioneer’s RECTracker provides a robust solution from inventory planning to accounting. Time to ‘renew’ your RECs/GOs management system?

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REMIT Reporting – Are you ready for April 7?

Post by admin on January 28, 2016

EUREMIT reporting of trades executed on Organised Market Places (OMP) started on October 7, 2015. All other trades, i.e. bilateral trades, need to be reported from April 7, 2016. While the October deadline was largely covered by the OMPs, or other services to carry out the reporting on behalf of the market participant, the April deadline is more complex and requires implementation of the right system solution to meet this challenge best. Pioneer Solutions’ REMIT module is ready to support your Standard- and Non-Standard Contract reporting as well as Electricity and Gas Transportation Contracts. Are you ready for April 7?

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Pioneering Views – EMART 2015

Post by admin on November 30, 2015

EMART 2015 welcomed a 700+ audience to Barcelona, from mainly Europe’s Utilities and Trading companies, keen to learn about the future of the European energy market. Among them was Pioneer Solutions ready to share how its next generation energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system supports the pioneering views of the expert speakers.

Emart 2015 image

The overarching theme was how trading firms will move forward and which trading business models will prosper. New visions were presented in a series of sessions across power and gas trading, and energy market supervision, including the role of renewables, generation capacity mechanisms, short-term trading markets, reporting obligations, volatility of gas prices as well as go-to-market and product ideas. Continue reading


System Flexibility – The secret to Lower Total Cost of Ownership over time.

Post by admin on September 23, 2015

Lower TCOThere is one constant in the energy market and that is change, nowadays even more rapid than before. Consequently, energy market participants need to be able to respond to competitive pressures, regulatory requirements and economic conditions. An effective ETRM system will help in meeting these challenges.

Yet to keep the ETRM system effective requires adaptability to dynamic business environments. With budgets under  pressure, how do you achieve a predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? A very flexible system – the secret of lower TCO over time!

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‘Backwards’ thinking: A Game Changer

Post by admin on August 18, 2015


In the direction of the back…..that’s where Compliance Officers are looking today and don’t forget the Chief Financial Officers, where every cent counts more than ever. Their thoughts are ‘backwards’. However, if like so many, your existing ETRM system was developed by thinking front [-office] first and the back [-office] was an afterthought, it won’t be easy to produce the reporting your business needs in this ever increasing complex market.

Also, ‘backwards thinking’ is a type of cause-and-effect thinking; would you have looked at the back-office more carefully – then, you would have been able to get out what you put in – now. That realization has sunk in with, the forward thinking companies who in this market of increased regulation, compliance, and competition, recognize: Backwards thinking; A Game Changer!

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Pioneer Solutions Attends Energy Risk Summit Europe 2014

Post by Erica Tausch on August 31, 2014


Energy Risk Summit Europe 2014
It’s hard to stay on top of the constantly shifting variables of energy markets, and with the assured implementation of stricter regulatory policies in the near future, it’s not getting any easier. That’s why Pioneer Solutions will be attending the 17th annual Energy Risk Summit Europe this year, in London, from September 30th to October 3rd. This conference, hosted by Energy Risk, is geared towards all energy professionals who want to learn more about regulatory policies (EMIR, REMIT, MiFID II) as well as risk management in European energy markets.
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Top 10 ETRM Industry News Highlights – January 2013

Post by admin on January 28, 2013

top 10

The Trading Risk Blog at Pioneer Solutions would like to introduce a new monthly series where we highlight some of the most important news stories for the Energy, Trading, and Risk Management industries. These stories come from some of the industry’s best resources spanning from Bloomberg Businessweek to

If you have any suggestions on news that you think should be featured on our monthly list, don’t hesitate to submit a comment and let us know.

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A Recap of 2012 and what’s next for 2013 – Another year of ETRM ahead

Post by admin on January 9, 2013

This past year has been an eventful one for Pioneer Solutions and we would like to quickly recap on a few of the highlights and accomplishments of the past year and talk about our goals and expectations for 2013. From new development releases on our product to great turn outs at events, there is much to talk about for 2012. As we enter into 2013, Pioneer Solutions is very busy preparing for what we hope will be an even busier year than the one before.

Know Risk. Know RewardLet’s take a look back at what has happened:

Product Development and Growth

This year we have added several new clients to our growing customer base and hit a growth spurt that allowed us to add some new key personnel to our team. Since our inception now 10 years ago in 2002, we have grown internally 600%! We are excited about this milestone and hope that it marks only the beginning of what is to come.

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