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Three Trends to Get More Out of your C/ETRM System

Post by admin on February 1, 2018

What an exciting start to the new year! Goals and resolutions are being pursued in order to do things better or differently. At Pioneer Solutions, one goal never changes, and that’s our commitment to approach every engagement with our existing and prospective customers with one objective in mind; ensuring their success and satisfaction. We want them to know how our C/ETRM solutions will benefit their operations through increasing process efficiency, reducing cost, minimizing operational risks while maximizing business opportunities. As a true Pioneer we continuously innovate, living up to our hard-earned reputation of delivering next-generation solutions that the market demands. We do exactly that, when looking at some of this year’s applicable technology trends below. Continue reading


Guaranteed a GO: All Certs in one System

Post by admin on August 21, 2017

Across Europe, consumers choose renewable electricity and do so on a large scale. In both liberalized and monopolized markets consumers are having an increased influence on the production of electricity by specifying the product they wish to use. Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates are issued to renewable energy producers and the electronic document is used to guarantee to consumers that the energy delivered is produced from renewable resources. The issuance upon production, and cancellation upon consumption, is managed through registries. In the European common energy market, energy can be produced in one EU country and delivered to consumers in another. So, in order to manage GO certificates across multiple registries, and supporting differentiating customer product offerings, is your system guaranteed a ‘GO’?

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Wishful Thinking and the NIH Syndrome

Post by Pioneer Solutions on March 25, 2015

Wishful Thinking is an attitude or belief that something you want to happen will happen even though it is not likely or possible instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality.

Not Invented Here (NIH) is a state of mind or philosophy that stems from a belief that in-house systems are inherently more suited to one’s organization than third party solutions. This results in a tendency to attempt to “reinvent the C/ETRM wheel.”

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Pioneer Solutions Recaps E-world 2015

Post by Pioneer Solutions on February 16, 2015

smallerborderE-world Energy & Water is the must-attend gathering for market participants and suppliers to meet and discuss the challenges of the European energy industry. Pioneer Solutions EMEA did exactly that, joining 20,000 exhibition and congress visitors to learn about the challenges and innovative approaches to unlocking the much sought after European energy market flexibility and demand response.

Held in Essen, Germany, this well-organized trade fair offered several conferences whose aim was to examine the future of the European energy industry with international experts from the political and economic fields, among others, addressing the international electricity and gas markets. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Pioneer Solutions!

Post by admin on December 23, 2013


As the countdown to 2013 draws to an end, many of us are preparing for the holiday festivities that will take place over the next few weeks.

Pioneer wanted to send you our warmest thoughts and wishes for a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and lots of fun. 

We hope you have a safe holiday season and look forward to a prosperous 2014 with all of our C/ETRM blog followers.

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