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Post by admin on January 22, 2012

Pioneer announces advanced OLAP cube reporting feature for Enterprise Environmental & Emissions Management Information System-Emis-OLAP definition

OnLine Analytical Processing-OLAP decision support software allows the user to quickly analyze information that has been summarized into multidimensional three dimensional views and hierarchies. OLAP tools are used to perform advanced Emissions and Environmental trend analysis and compliance insight.

They enable users to drill down into masses of Environmental data and statistics in order to isolate trends for advanced environmental and emissions decision support. Pioneer Solutions now offers this advanced reporting capability as a standard feature embedded in its already robust all-web based enterprise, front middle and back-office, EMIS reporting platform. Advanced GHG compliance reporting is crucial when it comes to environmental and environmental management and it is often an after thought for many EMIS software systems as they often provide third party reporting software like crystal reports etc.

Standard in Pioneer Solutions environmental management solutions -EMIS- emissions software platform called  “EmissionsTracker” is an embedded all web-based, template-driven, “no coding needed” adhoc report writer that offers the user the ability to easily create reports on the fly. The embedded report writer quickly generates Local and governmental agency -EPA compliance reports that are drillable down to the transaction layer. This feature also supports advance MSSQL database query capability. When the standard EmissionsTracker report writer is combined with the new OLAP cube reporting capability, EmissionsTracker becomes a powerful environmental management information system – EMIS decision support system.

More on EmissionsTracker:

Pioneer Solutions, LLC, an Environmental Management Information System -EMIS  and energy trading & risk management- Etrm software vendor, has enhanced its “EmissionsTracker” solution for full-scale enterprise EMIS including carbon trading and tracking. Pioneer’s EmissionsTracker has long been providing companies with front, middle and back-office environmental management tracking and compliance reporting capability; now enhancements include enterprise environmental products including all Utility products compliance and emissions management capability for end-to-end tracking, trading and full scale compliance management processing.

Recent enhancements provide organizations with a single system for all enterprise EMIS management for all of their environmental and emissions tracking needs.  “What our platform is designed to do is to easily model and capture any and all environmental and emissions products on one database, whether data resides in disparate systems or on external sources, or the products simply need to be modeled in our system we can easily configure unique products leveraging our middle-ware and formula-driven, no coding needed enterprise technology architecture. This is truly an enterprise platform offering for large and small Utilities offering them a true enterprise environmental & emissions management platform that can capture, manage, process, track, comply and trade all products on one state-of-the-art, easy-to-use system. The result is improved bottom line performance and improved compliance.” said Bill Molnar, Director of Etrm & Emis Solutions for Pioneer Solutions.

Based on customers’ feedback, our most recent regulatory and emissions compliance software update includes more robust management of carbon emissions -GHG, SoX, NoX etc. and environmental products including water quality, de-watering, toxic release inventory management, fire safety compliance, waste management and more including connectivity to and automation with the EPA, the Consolidated Emissions Data Repository -CEDR, Pollution Control Agencies and more.

These enhancements allow users to more efficiently manage all environmental and emissions permits, documents, data, limits, tasks and required actions related to environmental compliance while gathering data from multiple data sources and automating via programmable work-flow regulatory processing. Contact Pioneer Solutions via our convenient radio call button on our homepage “ask a consultant” to schedule a demonstration of this powerful enterprise solution.

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