Advanced C/ETRM System OLAP Cube Reporting Feature- “TRMTracker”

Post by admin on January 16, 2012

Pioneer announces advanced OLAP cube reporting feature for C/ETRM “TRMTracker” -OLAP definition

OnLine Analytical Processing-OLAP decision support software allows the user to quickly analyze information that has been summarized into multidimensional three dimensional views and hierarchies. OLAP tools are used to perform advanced C/ETRM trend analysis and risk insight. They enable users to drill down into masses of C/ETRM statistics in order to isolate trends for advanced decision support. 

Pioneer Solutions now offers this advanced reporting capability as a standard feature embedded in its already robust all-web based Ctrm-Etrm reporting platform. Advanced reporting is crucial when it comes to C/ETRM and it is often an after thought for many C/ETRM software systems as they often provide third party reporting software like crystal reports etc.

Standard in Pioneer Solutions C/ETRM TRMTracker is an embedded all web-based template-driven “no coding needed” adhoc report writer that offers the C/Etrm user the ability to easily create reports on the fly. The embedded report writer quickly generates reports that are drillable down to the transaction layer. This feature also supports advance MSSQL database query capability. When the standard TRMTracker report writer is combined with the new OLAP cube reporting capability, TRMTracker becomes a powerful C/ETRM decision support system.

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