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‘Backwards’ thinking: A Game Changer

Post by admin on August 18, 2015


In the direction of the back…..that’s where Compliance Officers are looking today and don’t forget the Chief Financial Officers, where every cent counts more than ever. Their thoughts are ‘backwards’. However, if like so many, your existing ETRM system was developed by thinking front [-office] first and the back [-office] was an afterthought, it won’t be easy to produce the reporting your business needs in this ever increasing complex market.

Also, ‘backwards thinking’ is a type of cause-and-effect thinking; would you have looked at the back-office more carefully – then, you would have been able to get out what you put in – now. That realization has sunk in with, the forward thinking companies who in this market of increased regulation, compliance, and competition, recognize: Backwards thinking; A Game Changer!

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