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Legacy ETRM system replacement: Big-Bang or Modular Implementation?

Post by Pioneer Solutions on June 4, 2015

big bang

The “big bang” ETRM go-live where all of the main modules of an ETRM system go live at the same time, is a widely-known approach for ETRM replacement and/or implementation projects. The alternative approach is to adopt some level of phasing for example, by functional area or by business priority level.

The conundrum large, global energy companies consider as they weigh the high-risk wholesale replacement of their ETRM system against the need for improved and more cost-effective functionality in selected areas to adapt to new business environments is: Big-Bang or Modular Implementation? Continue reading


Top 10 Energy & Risk News Highlights |
May 2015

Post by Pioneer Solutions on June 3, 2015


 The goal of this series is to provide a brief list of the top news stories each month for the energy and commodities trading and risk management industries. These stories come from some of the industry’s top sources, spanning from Bloomberg Businessweek to

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