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Intro Governance, Risk & Compliance- GRC, Compliance Mgmt. Software

Post by admin on July 9, 2012

Introduction to the most flexible, all-web based, Governance, Risk & Compliance- GRC Enterprise Compliance Management Software offered by Pioneer Solutions; providing energy and utility companies a flexible, work-flow and calendar driven enterprise GRC solution.

worlk-flow  “ComplianceTracker” Overview

Intro to all web-based Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tracking, monitoring and automation solution “ComplianceTracker” by Pioneer Solutions:

ComplianceTracker is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically to automate the end-to-end lifecycle of corporate policies, governance and regulatory compliance risk exposures. The product captures, assesses and automates the tasks associated with GRC all on one fully integrated, all web-based solution. Whether you are responding to regulations or managing the internal processes associated with GRC ComplianceTracker can improve and automate the entire process. The product feature a calendar based workflow engine that can be tied to internal email for process workflow automation with escalation. Reporting is also made simple with an embedded template-based reporting feature designed specifically for managing the intricacies of GRC.

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About Pioneer Solutions Enterprise ETRM-ERM Software “TRMTracker”

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Pioneer Solutions provides leading edge, enterprise-wide, energy and commodity risk management and trading (ETRM) and Environmental Management (EMIS) solutions to its clients. Serving the largest Energy and Utility companies in the US and in Europe, our next generation technology platform is designed to easily configure to the way companies manage and report their business.
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Can your ERP System SAP Manage your Energy Portfolio- ETRM

Post by admin on July 6, 2012

Next Generation Technologies are stepping up to the task of complementing and completing ERP systems ability to manage energy portfolios:

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In this technological age, any sizable energy organization would be expected to have made significant investment in an ERP system such as SAP. It has been increasingly noticeable that the ERP vendors are aggressively selling to the senior management that an ERP solution can indeed manage full life cycle energy contracts (i.e., portfolio management, position mgmt.). A technology group within such an organization would face pressure and challenges in ensuring that their ERP system is fully utilized to ensure proper return on their investment (ROI).

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