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Pioneer Announces ETRM System Enhanced Front office and Deal Capture

Post by admin on November 28, 2011

Pioneer has made significant improvements to its premier, Top-rated Commodity, Energy Trading & Risk Management – C/Etrm enterprise software solution called “TRMTracker” :

Know Risk. Know RewardTRMTracker is a comprehensive, enterprise C/Etrm software solution for companies with physical and financial commodity exposure.  TRMTracker’s advanced, all web-based architecture is ideal for companies that are looking to upgrade their trading and risk systems with the latest C/Etrm technology.
The recently enhanced front-office is designed to improve the user, trader experience, including the ability to move, hide and rename input fields for a more personalized user experience. “This improvement greatly enhances the trader experience allowing them to easily customize the already easy-to-use deal entry templates,” said Bill Molnar, Pioneer’s Director of ETRM & EMIS Solutions for the America’s.
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Energy & Commodity Trading and Risk Management C/ETRM Software

Post by admin on November 14, 2011

Pioneer Solutions “TRMTracker”- Advanced Technology for C/ETRM

Pioneer Solutions’ Mission is to provide leading-edge, enterprise-wide, energy and commodity risk management and trading C/ETRM software solutions to our clients. Serving the largest utilities in the US and in Europe, our new enterprise C/ETRM technology platform is designed to easily configure to the way you manage and report your trading business. Our state-of-the-art, formula and template-driven technology platform fully supports straight-through of any and all derivatives and commodities both physical and financial. TRMTracker is a cost-effective solution that can be hosted or installed on internal servers.
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