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Pioneer Delivers CTRM- “TRMTracker” in Record Time at RWE/Essent

Post by admin on July 25, 2011

guiTRMTracker- Advanced all web-based CTRM-ETRM Enterprise Software Announces another success story at RWE/Essent in the Netherlands:

At Pioneer Solutions we are changing the ETRM-CTRM software business with our all web-based, easy to configure, no coding needed comprehensive ETRM solution called “TRMTracker.”

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Introduction to Top-rated “TRMTracker” – Advanced ETRM software

Post by admin on July 18, 2011

More on Pioneer’s Top-rated, All Web-based, Comprehensive ETRM-CTRM Enterprise Solution-

… “TRMTracker” Front-Office ETRM-CTRM Overview :

Find out how we are changing the way ETRM-CTRM systems are deployed and managed…one happy client at a time!


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Advanced ETRM-CTRM Software Architecture Review- FARRMS by Pioneer

Post by admin on July 10, 2011

enterprise-risk-bubble-diagra,Introduction to the FARRMS advanced Energy-Commodity Trading and Risk Management ETRM-CTRM Enterprise Architecture built organically by Pioneer Solutions LLC.

Financial & Regulatory Risk Managment System (FARRMS) Enterprise Architecture

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Energy Trading and Risk Management-ETRM-CTRM- Hedging Strategies 2

Post by admin on July 5, 2011

Pioneer BannerSo why would a company enter into a hedge that becomes a cash burden? Remember entering into a hedge position is a way to lock in potential future exposure to a commodities volatility, however just because you think prices are going up in the future does not necessarily mean that they will. Should prices slide and not rise, for example the mentioned Utility “buy position” becomes a loss margin call cash exposure. The position now has a loss associated with it.

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Energy Trading and Risk Management ETRM-CTRM- Hedging Strategies

Post by admin on July 4, 2011

The Basics of Energy & Commodity Risk Management ETRM-CTRM- Hedging Strategies – Blog 1 of 2
Pioneer BannerCompanies that are exposed to commodity price volatilities often find themselves looking for ways to mitigate the price volatility in order to better predict or mitigate their commodity price exposure into the future. This is easier said than done, especially in today’s wildly volatile marketplace. Nonetheless, companies need to find ways to manage this exposure for many competitive reasons. Many look to consultants that specialize in energy trading and risk management –ETRM or commodity trading and risk management –CTRM to provide guidance in establishing a basic risk management (margin limits etc.) and hedging strategy. Once policy and procedures are defined companies can begin to execute the hedging strategy.

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